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Let's Talk Details

Are you willing to travel?
Heck ya we are! Our traveling rates are as follows: Weddings in Southern California have no traveling fee, weddings in Northern California have an extra $700 dollar traveling fee for gas, lodging, and food. Travel within in the United States varies between where your wedding is, and what the airbnb/hotel prices are. We would need a location and date to give you an official quote, but usually it would be around $1,850 extra for traveling fees within the US. International weddings, please inquire with your location + venue for an official quote. Please reach out and we can give you an official quote!
Do you film elopements?
Is this even a question? Yesssss of course! We love filming adventure elopements, especially destination elopements! We truly treasure the amazing opportunity to capture an intimate ceremony between you and your honey. For elopement pricing, please fill out the contact form, and we will be in touch!
How long will my film take to complete?
Our turnaround is typically 10-12 weeks!
Do we get to choose the music for our film?
Yes ( kinda ) , and no… The music picked for your film is so important! We definitely want to pick some songs that best match you and your honey, thats why we send you a fun little questionnaire alllll about your guys music likes, dislikes, and favorite genres! We also give you the music websites we use, so you can browse and put some options you guys like on there. With all the laws now a days, our music MUST be licensed, and we cannot use popular music ( unless its licensed through one of the websites, because NO ONE likes jail, or thousands of dollars of fines. )  Those dang copyright laws, amiright. But ultimately, Wanderland Media will get the final say in music, because we need to find songs that matches your wedding day, vows, and vibe perfectly !
What's your favorite thing to do when you're not editing?
We love relaxing and watching movies ( that I always fall asleep to, oops, sorry Ryan) bingewatching the same TV shows over and over ( like New Girl, or Grey's Anatomy ) or going to Disneyland ! Former Annual Passholders here (thx covid) ! Favorite ride.... That's hard, top 3 are Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones, but honestly after every ride I go on, I tell Ryan, " This is 100% on my top 3 favs! " . I ( Skyla ) am also a DIY wizard. I can DIY the heck out of any project probably within the hour. I love creating not only wedding films but things in general ! Its my escape from reality !
Can we meet you before hiring?
Absolutely!! Due to COVID-19 though, most couples are opting for a quick FaceTime call, Zoom, or phone call, although…. I’m always down to grab a bite to eat, or some coffee if we’re not too far from each other.
Where do we watch our film?
We upload all of our films onto Wedflow, Youtube, and you get 1 USB! Wedflow is a super neat video hosting site where you can watch all your videos ( highlight film, if applicable: ceremony, first dance, speeches! ) as well as download, and share ! This is our custom client website/digital download we talk about in our pricing page! Heres an example ( https://wedflow.co/client/deliverables/meganandjustin)
What do we need to do to book you? What about leading up to our wedding?
First talk to me! If we hit it off good, I will send you a quote ( quotes expire after a week, and are subject to any price changes.), you accept that, I send you over a nice, long contract to review and sign ( all online, thanks to my trusty sidekick HoneyBook ), and send me over a deposit of $700, and boom, your date is officially secure! You have got videographer checked off your wedding to-do list! Once we get your contract, and deposit, we send you a little goodie bag in the mail, so keep your eye out for that! About 2 months before your wedding, we will send you two very detailed questionautes to fill out! Then that’s it until about a month before your wedding, when we collect your final payment, get any pending information and questionnaires! We know you have a lot going on, so we don’t want to keep sending you a bunch of emails. The month or so before, we also get into contact with your coordinator, and photographer to introduce ourselves, and get on the same track. We make timelines, shot-lists, and get everything prepared for your big day. 
What is your filming style the day of?
We really try to be as quiet, and not noticeable as possible. We want to literally be a fly on the wall. We really try to work side by side with the photographer to get all the shots they get. I think natural, organic movement is the most beautiful, so if I constantly instructed you on how to pose that would be boring, we love capturing organic movements, of your hand sliding down your loves back, or the laughs between you guys, the pure, organic, authentic, in love stuff the newlyweds do! We do have this super fun app called "Unscripted" and it helps photographers + videographers with fun prompts to give to you two to get those laughs, and natural movements going, if you need a little help! Nothing like, stand there and smile, more like grab your man's/woman's arm, look up at them, and tell them your worst/sillest joke you got, the cheesier, the better. Fun little prompts like that will get such organic smiles and laughter.
Who will be there on our wedding day? how far in advance do you book?
Skyla and Ryan ! We only take on a number of bookings a year to ensure that our clients get our full and complete attention. We handcraft each experience, so we want to give you the best of the best, and thats us ! We book to up to 24 months in advance, and as little as the day before ! We highly recommend booking your videographer around the same time you book your photographer because we get booked out just as fast!

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